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Where comfort meets impeccable service . . .

"Great service pleases both the giver and the recipient by the beauty of the performance, thereby enhancing life and adding value to an experience that would otherwise be only a transaction"

- James Hillman, "Kinds of Power"

Welcome to CARINA LOUNGE . . .


About Carina Lounge


carina - ca·ri·na [kəˈrēnə, kəˈrīnə] {adjective feminine} (also: bello, bella, carino)

1. pretty, nice, cute, kind, attractive, thoughtful

2. sweetheart {noun} [colloquial]

3. a keel-shaped structure, in particular. biology{noun}

4. a constellation in the southern sky


when three men are business partners...

You need a bit of femininity and thus, Carina Lounge was named. Many a night, over too many a drink. Marco, Michael and Peter discussed what kind of restaurant to bring to NW Portland. A place that would resonate with our guests and the neighborhood.  A place that could feel like a local European Café, tapas bar or trattoria. we believe we have accomplished this in carina lounge.

With a sharp aesthetic and a nod to the classic bones of the former Basta’s/Tasty Freeze restaurants building, Carina Lounge is a modern, mediterranean earth-toned palate that envelops you in light and warmth. 

In the end, Marco, Michael and Peter are entertainers, who love to eat and drink. They are inviting guests into their “home”. To laugh and engage as family and friends. To feel good and enjoy fare that takes you back to a place of comfort, both familiar and familial. Small plates to allow for sharing and the ability to have many flavors. Cocktails, Wine and Beer from Europe and Oregon, that pair with the seasonal influences of Carina's menu.

In america there is a phrase to describe a woman who “has it all going on”, that phrase is, “she’s a Betty”. That is to say she is smart, beautiful and kind. In Italy the name to personify this sentiment is, Carina.

Carina. . .  “she’s got it all going on”.

Carina's HOURS

sunday & tuesday-thursday | kitchen 4:30pm - 10:00pm

FRIDAY - SATURDAY | kitchen 4:30pm - 11:00pm

SOCIAL Hour 4:30pm - 6pm & 9:00pm - close

closed on Mondays for our health and well being!

need a private space? we’ve got the space! parties of 10-32!

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