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Where comfort meets impeccable service . . .

"Great service pleases both the giver and the recipient by the beauty of the performance, thereby enhancing life and adding value to an experience that would otherwise be only a transaction"

- James Hillman, "Kinds of Power"

Welcome to CARINA LOUNGE . . .


About Carina Lounge


carina - ca·ri·na [kəˈrēnə, kəˈrīnə] {adjective feminine} (also: bello, bella, carino)

1. pretty, nice, cute, kind, attractive, thoughtful

2. sweetheart {noun} [colloquial]

3. a keel-shaped structure, in particular. biology{noun}

4. a constellation in the southern sky


when three men are business partners...

You need a bit of femininity and thus, Carina Lounge was named. Many a night, over too many a drink. Marco, Michael and Peter discussed what kind of restaurant to bring to NW Portland. A place that would resonate with our guests and the neighborhood.  A place that could feel like a local European Café, tapas bar or trattoria. we believe we have accomplished this in carina lounge.

With a sharp aesthetic and a nod to the classic bones of the former Basta’s/Tasty Freeze restaurants building, Carina Lounge is a modern, mediterranean earth-toned palate that envelops you in light and warmth. 

In the end, Marco, Michael and Peter are entertainers, who love to eat and drink. They are inviting guests into their “home”. To laugh and engage as family and friends. To feel good and enjoy fare that takes you back to a place of comfort, both familiar and familial. Small plates to allow for sharing and the ability to have many flavors. Cocktails, Wine and Beer from Europe and Oregon, that pair with the seasonal influences of Carina's menu.

In america there is a phrase to describe a woman who “has it all going on”, that phrase is, “she’s a Betty”. That is to say she is smart, beautiful and kind. In Italy the name to personify this sentiment is, Carina.

Carina. . .  “she’s got it all going on”.

Carina's HOURS

sunday & tuesday-thursday | kitchen 4:30pm - 10:00pm

FRIDAY - SATURDAY | kitchen 4:30pm - 11:00pm

SOCIAL Hour 4:30pm - 6pm & 9:00pm - close

closed on Mondays for our health and well being!

need a private space? we’ve got the space! parties of 10-32!

email us |

Call Us |  503.274.1572



the creators of carina lounge

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Michael Waters  "Partner | Chef"

Michael Waters is a young boy who likes rap music and cheeseburgers in a middle aged man’s body. He was born outside of Chicago and grew up in a family who loves food (probably slightly more than they love each other). He started to cook at a young age next to his mother, Margaret (She is perhaps the sweetest lady that has ever walked the earth). Margaret Waters is a great cook herself and taught him how to cook. The odd thing is, Margaret acts like she has never cooked before if he is around (she may just like his cooking better).

Michael started wrestling at a young age and starved himself way too often to make weight for wrestling tournaments. This lack of food for many years made him covet any and all gastronomic creations. He figured since he was apart from food for so long, he would choose a profession where he could be with it everyday. Cooking became his love and passion. 

His first job was one of prestige. He was a salad bar attendant at a Ponderosa Steak house. The brown clip-on tie and visor were his favorite things about this job. From there it was on to bigger and better things. He worked at sandwich shops, bar and grills, steak houses and a gas station (he was fired from the gas station, long story). Many of these jobs were worked to put him through college. And after six long years he finally graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in political science. Then, looking at the long list of great things one can do with a political science degree, he decided to attend culinary school. He never really enjoyed school at any age, but culinarily school was different. He was truly interested in the subject matter. He wanted to know the how's and why's of cooking and graduated at the top of his class from Scottsdale Culinary school in Arizona. 

From here he worked with some great chefs with diverse backgrounds. Some in fine dining restaurants and others in high end catering. These men and women taught him how to succeed and become a better cook. Michael knew that just because you graduate from culinary school, doesn't mean that you are a chef. It takes years of experience and hard work to become a true chef, and he wanted to follow that long path the right way. 

Carina Lounge is now where you will find Michael, playing with and creating food he truly hopes you enjoy. 

Marco Frattaroli "Partner | reinaissance Man"


Peter Kost "Partner | GM" 

Born and raised in Seattle. My father’s side of the family is Greek and my mother’s, Italian. I apologize upfront, I don’t speak Italian or Greek. With the two different cultural backgrounds, neither spoke the language of their family’s origin, at home. However, I do love and feel fortunate of the food culture I grew up around. My mother’s parents were farmers, Dominic and Lucy. They brought their daily harvest to the Seattle Public Market and sold from a stand shared with a couple other cousins. Eventually opening a grocery store on their property as Seattle grew, and the area around their farm populated. Family functions on both the Greek side and Italian, were basically reasons to eat. The idea wasn’t to make enough food for who was attending. It was to make enough food so that everyone could bring some home as well. We never starved.

My first job – other than helping around the grocery store from about the age of 8 or 9 – was at an Italian restaurant in Seattle. The Italian Spaghetti House & Pizzeria, owned by Elio Andolfi. I started as a dishwasher at the age of 15 and quickly worked my way to prep/pantry and then a coveted bussing position. The average tenure at the restaurant was around 15 years, so the 3 years I spent were a mere second of time in comparison. I learned as much there about service, quality and the importance of the guest than at any other job I’ve held in the industry.  Elio was famous for his on-shift tirades. He would basically yell at you throughout service about being better, faster, more caring about the product and the guest experience. At the end of each night, he would go around to the staff and tell them “thank you, great job!”. He instilled a work ethic that drives me to this day.

After working in the restaurant industry as a General Manager for 13 years, I dreamed of having my own place. I’m not a good employee. Somehow, I feel rules of a company don’t apply to me….that isn’t a good thing. So, I opened my first restaurant in 1998 on the corner of NW 21st and NW Irving, Lucy’s Table. The name was an homage to my Nonna, Lucy. the center piece; my grandparents dining room table. Our family enjoyed many amazing meals growing up, around that table. I sold the restaurant in 2005 and embarked on a short career in the wine industry. I found, though I love wine, I’m not a good salesman. I quickly went into the world of grocery. Working with Zupan’s Markets for 10 years. I love the food culture of Portland and I missed the restaurant industry. I never said I was smart… here I am, back in it. I love it.

I’m an oddity in the foodie world. I don’t like mayonnaise, anything pickled and chunks of onion or bell peppers……and cilantro. My biggest dislike that will sound oxymoronic when you read my favorite food, are fresh tomatoes. Yep…..I’m weird.

My favorite food: Red SAUCE, Meat Sauce or simple Marinara. Gravy. Call it what you will….but, I could eat it every day.

Favorite thing to do: Travel. Italy, France, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Tanzania, South Africa, Turks and Caicos, St. Thomas, St. John, Hawaii and much more……yep, been there. I will go back. many More places on the “list”.

Dream: 1973 Porsche Carerra RS. I know, keep dreaming.

Pet Peeves: Anyone that knows me, is irritated by the fact I have so many. 

Almost forgot. Wine. I love wine. Maybe I said that already……cheers.



Listed below in no specific order is a list of amazing companies who have helped Carina Lounge open our doors with pride and grace. On behalf of all of us at Carina Lounge, we want to express our greatest appreciation for your efforts and those of our staff for making Carina Lounge what it is today. We also like to show our appreciate to the Northwest Alphabet District for all the love and support you have shown us. We greatly look forward to growing and bringing PDX delicious cuisine, wine and cocktails.



PDX Wine

Galaxy Wine

Vin De Garde

Oregon Brand Management Wine Company

Maletis Beverage

Cafe Umbria

Casa Bruno wines

Corridor 5

Southern glazer's

Point blank Distributing


gaston little patch farm

Newman's Seafood

Ocean Beauty Seafood

Pacific Fruit Company

Ken's Bakery

Peterson Fine Cheese Company

alexis Fine foods


Columbia Empire Meat Company



New System Laundry

Bargreen Ellingson


Young’s Columbia


Michael Donhowe
Willamette Week

Chelsie McCarthy

Cynthia Classen

jeff mendenhall




Satisfied customers


Robert K. 

Came here after being a decade old Bastas customer I came here on day five of their opening. The remodel is Fantastic....set up for socializing.  They are developing Gluten free options for the pizza crust but refuse to put one out until they have found the perfect one.  The Chef Michael was in the back mixing the perfect beef for their delicious burger which by the way is larger than the one I loved here before. I can recommend the Ravioli Pomegranite glazed ribs. Yum! Haven't tried the rest but will be sure to do so. And finally the creme de la creme-the wait staff is friendly, engaged, and attentive.....oh wait the wine list-perfect. This is a perfect respite on NW 21st blending casual attitude with damn good food and service. Can't wait for my next visit.

Sara H. 

The food was amazing! We had stuffed dates and a veggie dish, both were fabulous but the dates were crazy good! The chocolate cake and popcorn ice cream were the best I've had anywhere! There were plenty of options for gluten free people like me (not a dedicated gf kitchen, but I'm not celiac). The waitstaff was very professional, while also warm and friendly, making us feel at home. The restaurant was clean and beautiful, with an atmosphere that felt lively and happy. This is my new first choice for entertaining friends and family!


Linda L.D.

Spinach/artichoke dip with tiny rolls - delicious! Margarita pizza also fresh & wonderful. Pink Lady - my new favorite drink. All the staff were friendly with awesome service!

sharon f.

Fantastic Happy Hour menu. All the food is amazing and fresh. Great prices and wonderful service.Tried many things on the menu, been there3 Times this week! LOVE IT!




Carina Lounge accepts reservations beginning at 6:00pm, seven days a week, up to 4 weeks in advance. For immediate assistance booking a reservation, please call (503) 274.1572. Or make an online reservation below by filling out our online reservation Form.


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need a private space? we’ve got the space! parties of 10-32!

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